The Winter's Tale

Join us for Shakespeare in The Park 2013 as  Hubcity Theatre presents

The Winter's Tale 

Victoria Park - Moncton

July 25, 26, 27 at 6:30 pm

July 28 at 1:30 pm

This is a FREE performance. Donations appreciated. 

Performance area at the North-East corner of the park close to the corner of Weldon and John Street.

Grass seating only. Please bring a blanket/chair to sit on.

This year's performance is stationary - presented in one location. Audiences will not be required to travel to different areas of the park during performance.

Exit pursued by bear: Guest Appearances from C103 Morning Team, Moncton Wildcats and City of Moncton!

The Winter's Tale includes one of Shakespeare's most legendary and challenging stage directions, "Exit pursued by bear". Hubcity Theatre is proud to welcome Moncton local celebrities in the cameo role of "the bear" each night.

Our "bear celebrities" are:

June 25: Mandy Macdonald - C103 Breakfast Club

June 26: Ernie Steeves - C103 Breakfast Club

June 27: Dawn Arnold - Councillor at Large, City of Moncton

June 28: Wild Willie - Moncton Wildcats

About the play:

Warning: Spoiler Alert! 

First performed in 1611, five years before Shakespeare's death, The Winter’s Tale appears, on the surface, to be two plays. First comes the story of King Leontes of Sicilia, who becomes suspicious of an affair between his wife Hermione and his childhood friend King Polixenes of Bohemia. Leontes tries to poison Polixenes, andro when the Bohemian escapes, puts the queen on trial for treason. The Queen and Prince Mamillius die from despair, and Princess Perdita, whom Leontes mistakenly believes to be a bastard child, is cast off to a remote region of Bohemia. 

The second half, taking place mostly in Bohemia, chronicles the love affair between Perdita, now an adopted daughter of a shepherd, and Polixenes’ son, Florizel, sixteen years later. When Polixenes bans the proposed marriage, the two lovers flee to Sicilia. In Sicilia, the two stories come together to an ultimate climax of forgiveness, reconciliation and resurrection!

The Winter's Tale 


Brad Butland: Leontes

Melanie Mealey: Hermione

Maren Mealey: Mamillius

Amanda Spear: Paulina

Christina Farnsworth: Camillo

Abigail de Niverville: Emilia

Cody Bolton: Antigonus/Florizel

Samantha Michaud: Lord 1

Ellen Mack: Lord 2

Peter de Niverville: Polixines

Jourdyn Gatza: Perdita

Jeanne Cormier: Shepherdess

Beatrice Campbell: Clown

Meaghan Collins: Autolycus

Shane Dickie: Archidamus/Mopsa

Nicole Cormier: Shepherd 2/Cleomenes

Kiersten Gouchie: Shepherd 3


Director/Producer: Paul Power

Assistant Director: Mark McPhee

Stage Managers: Samantha Vaillancourt, Nicole Cormier

Production Assistant: Emma Goobie

Costume Design: Sima  Roohani  Shahrestani

Music Director: Christina Farnsworth 

Set Construction: Scott Fillmore

Marketing: Jeanne Cormier, Wes Perry

Financial Management: Pierre Mazerolle

Poster Design: Newhook Design

Special Thanks to the City of Moncton for its financial support

Special thanks to C103, The Moncton Wildcats and Dawn Arnold (City of Moncton)