Official Release: 12 Angry Jurors

March 30, 2017


Enter the jury room with Hubcity Theatre’s latest production

Moncton, N.B. –Twelve people. One life in the balance. Famously brought to life on television, theatre and film, Twelve Angry Jurors features a jury of vastly diverse opinions trying to discover truth and justice.

The audience gets to watch, as a table full of jurors work to determine the verdict in a trial –guilty will result in the defendant’s death.  The story struggles with deeply complex issues  and forces both the characters and the audience to confront their prejudices and history as patience wears thin and tempers flare.  

“Among the many messages seeded in this fantastic play, I think the most important is that as a person,  you  should  always  do  your  best  to  try  and  look  at  yourself  honestly,”  says  director  JB Vanier.“What prejudices are  you holding on to  and how does that  affect your life? Maybe we'll never be able to fully conquer ourselves and our issues, and that's okay, but if at the very leastwe can identify them, we can start working towards growing our empathy and understanding of each other.”

The classic film (original title "Twelve Angry Men") is well known for its dynamic cinematography. During this dramatic reading of the teleplay written by Reginald Rose, the audience is encouraged to  become  their  own  camera  and  move  around  the  room  as  they  see  fit  to  find  different perspectives on the action and issues.

Twelve  Angry  Jurors  plays  April  8,  8:00  p.m.  at  the  Beasejour  Curling  Club.  Tickets are  by donation.

Contact: Kelly MacDonald-Mason

Cell Phone: (506) 227-3553



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