Auditions for Roomies are Coming!

It's almost that time yet again!  Hubcity Theatre will be holding auditions for their production of the award-winning "Roomies".

The auditions will take place at the Crossman Community Centre, 99 Wynwood Drive in Moncton on September 13 @ 2-5 PM and September 14 @ 6-9 PM.

Please email to book your audition time.  All levels of experience are welcome!  Also, please book an appointment if you are interested in working behind the scenes (Stage Management, Props, Costumes, etc.).

Actors will be expected to rehearse 3-4 times a week on weeknight evenings and days or evenings on weekends.

Performance dates are November 26, 27, and 28th at the Capitol Theatre Empress.

About the story: 
The play tells the story of two college roommates. David, a clean cut scholarly student living with a disability and Nick, a 'James Dean' type with a chip on his shoulder to go along with his manipulative nature. 

Taking place in the late 1960s, the story follows the development of this friendship through the course of one school year. Dorm monitor, Diane, and house mother, Miss Cracker, add comedy to the play.

Roles available: 

Male roles: 
Nick Carlson - A rebel with only one cause - himself. Arrogant, believes he is god's gift to women and self serving. But it all stems from a hidden vulnerability growing up without a mother and an abusive father. Actor age range - 20-40 to play a college student near graduation. 

Dr. Shepherd
Nick's English lit professor - Dr. Shepherd is well educated, well spoken, authoritive and comes across upright towards his students. A character actor role - open ended actor age to play a college professor. Age can be tailored to suit the character. 

Female Roles: 
Diane - the new dorm monitor majoring in philosophy. She is the epitome of the women's movement of the time and is more likely to lead a protest rather than be a follower. An intellectual young lady she's up to challenging any male - while has a soft spot for those she genuinely cares for. Actor range 20-40 to play a college student. 

Ms. Cracker - the dorm house mother - Ms. Cracker enjoys looking after her kids of the dorm - especially the boys. A fading beauty, usually on the prowl rather than fulfilling her duties as house mother. An over the top character she's suggestive, sexually starved, nosy and oblivious to her annoyance to the other characters. Though her intentions are never malicious. Think of her as a cross between Mrs. Robinson and Mrs Roper - it's important this role be played by someone who enjoys being the comic relief for a story. Actor age range - 30-60 to play a late forties vital over the top seductress.